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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does membership cost?


The present annual subscription is £10. You can walk with the club for free on two occasions, before we will expect the subscription to be paid.

Where do you normally meet/depart from?

B and C walks normally meet at the Northumberland Hotel, Craigmillar Park at 9.30am.


A walks normally meet at the Queensferry Road end of Strachan Road at 8.00am.


Occasionally, we meet somewhere else. The walk organiser will advise.

It is recommended that you aim to arrive 10-15 mins prior to the depature times for the walks.


Are there different grades of walks?


HF Edinburgh is a friendly and relaxed club in which like-minded individuals participate in walking activities.  Groups gather on Saturdays or Sundays and trips to popular walking areas are organised.  “A” walking trips take place every second weekend and a "C" walking trip will take place the same weekend. "B" walking trips take place fortnightly the weekend when no "A" or "C" walk is taking place.

  • “A” walking trips are to areas where there are Munros or Corbetts or walks of similar degrees of difficulty. In the winter, these walks are only for experienced walkers.

  • “B” walks are less difficult but are usually more than 8 miles and have between 250 and 750m of ascent.

  • "C" walks are normally less than 8 miles and have less than 250m ascent.

Who should I contact prior to walking?

Each trip has a nominated contact person (walk organiser)and the programme outlines the walk that he or she is intending to do.  The Walk Organiser is not a designated walk leader – the club has no trained walk leaders. He or she helps to arrange transport to the day’s destination and will be responsible for organising the re-imbursement of drivers on the cost sharing basis outlined later in the programme.


If you intend to join us on a walk please contact the nominated organiser for the walk during the week before and at least 48h before the walk.

What Are a Walker's Responsibilities (the Legal Bit)?

As has already been stated, the Club has no trained walk leaders.  Life in general and particularly outdoor activities are never without risks.  By participating in a Club walk, it is accepted that you agree to make your own risk assessment of the conditions, the location, the weather and level of fitness for undertaking the intended walk.  It is the responsibility of every walker to wear the appropriate footwear and clothing.

What Are the Walk Arrangements and Club Policies?

  • Details of most walks are available online.  The walk organiser can advise with further details.

  • Any decisions as to change of plan during a walk should be taken collectively as a group.

  • It is reasonable to assume that all walkers do not walk at the same speed.  The Club, however, operates a Chain of Sight policy whereby everyone should be in sight of the individual or sub group immediately behind.

  • Although the intention in all walks is that participants walk in a group, should there be a necessity to split up, no one should split off on their own.  Any such sub group must have the necessary information to allow it to complete the walk in good time.  A fully charged mobile phone can be a great asset in such situations.

  • Walk participants should advise their fellow-walkers as early as possible if they encounter difficulties during a walk.

  • Travel to all walks is arranged on a fuel sharing basis.  The return mileage for the journey is at present costed at a rate of 25p per mile. All passengers contribute equally and the total amount is divided between the car drivers.

  •  All travellers must respect the car owner by having a change of footwear for the journey home.

What should I wear / bring with me?


  • Appropriate footwear and clothing, taking into account advice given later in the Walker's Responsibilities section.  This can be discussed with the walk organiser in the days preceding the walk.

  • Plenty of food and drink

  • Personal first aid kit and medication

  • A fully charged mobile phone

  • A change of footwear for the journey home

  • Contact and relevant medical information (In case of emergency card)

Are there any specific "A" walker's responsibilities?

  • For reasons already stated the walk organiser should never be treated as the walk leader.  All intending participants should also have access to the appropriate navigational tools.

  • Anyone intending participating in an A Walk must phone or email the walk organiser in the days (at least 48h) before the walk .  This helps in sorting out transport arrangements.

  • All intending walkers must bring the appropriate footwear, clothing and equipment.

  • Anyone unsure of requirements should consult the following website: Mountaineering Scotland essential kit

  • Conditions in the mountains can change dramatically during the course of a day.  This is of special significance for winter A walking expeditions.  A good indication of the expected weather conditions can be obtained from the Met Office where most of the popular Munros can be accessed: Met Office Website

  • In the event of adverse conditions being encountered, collective decisions must be taken and participants must remain in sight of one another at all times.

  • A change of clothing may be necessary for the journey home.


In keeping with the individual responsibility previously outlined, all walkers should assess their need for personal accident insurance.




Walker's Responsibilities
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